Day Twenty One

                        “Be loose. Dance. Breathe. All day.”


Posture rocks. It may be the most underrated detail in your wellness regimen. It is the key to your breath being in flow, your spine and shoulders maximized and pain-free, and your self-confidence in tact.

My theory about why we do not stand up straight is because our mothers told us to. Some kind of subconscious rebellion from sixth grade that we never got over. Time to get over it.

I think the other reason that women, in particular, do not assume good posture is because they are embarrassed to stand out in the crowd, or if they are well endowed, perhaps they don’t want to be noticed in that way either. And tall people are the worst offenders!

Hogwash! Go for it. Stand up and stand out! You have nothing to lose except your insecurities.

An additional point: Many of us when in our stress mode go into stacatto, choppy movements as our modus operandi, because we are holding our breath, most likely compartmentalizing in our mind and hurrying and, of course, the body reflects all of it.

If you can catch yourself doing this, take that moment as a reminder to relax and shift to that inner flow. It starts with a couple of sighs of relief to kick start a flowing breath and then feeling that relaxation soak into the body. Swinging the arms is your reminder to be lyrical in the way you move. Feeling comfortable in your body is the gift.

Day Twenty

                                  “Shhhhhhhhhh. All day.”


I find that the impulse to talk is highly overrated … while the value of listening is extolled in business and communication quarters as the pinnacle skill of best practices.

Why then do we not heed that good advice in personal or social exchanges? Or in business, for that matter? Often, we jockey for position, trying to impress, trying to be first, trying to get noticed. Or as mentioned above, we are not really listening when we are listening! We are formulating what we wish to say next.

When we authentically listen, it is fascinating what we hear and see and sense. That whole new dimension comes in, the same one we experience when we feel compassion for another. Just pausing before you speak and breathing as you listen to another gives rise to a more conscious expression when you do speak up. Try it today.

Breathe. Pause. Listen. Speak. In between all that, stay in a semi-state of

Shhhhhhhhhh. All day.


Day Nineteen

               “Be quiet and discover (your) Nature. All day.”


What more can one say about breaking from the mesmerizing digital universe of our world and sinking our feet into the proverbial grass?

Or sitting in the sunshine for a few minutes?
Or listening to the wind?
Seemingly low priorities, yet not.
The great thinkers and inventors of the world
have always napped (Thomas Edison, for one)
or relaxed in some form to tap into that essential creative energy
for their ideas and inventions.
So, too, in our creative process, this break from the melee  is required.
Just like getting up from your work station to stroll around and breathe and move,
getting in touch with nature, outside, in the elements, is absolutely necessary.
Try it. Like right now!
Even if you just put your face to the rays of the sun from your 35th floor window.
Or fit your meditation and quietude into a short moment.
Whether in or outside, make it a habit to be quiet in Nature. Your nature!
Five minutes will do the trick.


Day Eighteen

            “No matter what happens today, be grateful. All day.”

Your mantra all day long is thank you.
For every little thing.
You are in one constant state of thank you.
For both the positive and the negative, in your inner world (your thoughts and beliefs) and outer world ( your experiences and encounters).
I love taking poetic license with the electrical charges of our bodies! Sometimes that negative charge (your electrons) is just as valuable as your positive charge (your protons). Today though it might be useful to focus on your neutrons and remain more in a conscious state of neutral.
You can read all sorts of research on the efficacy of maintaining a grateful attitude. It is also an efficient approach. If you train yourself to be grateful for it all, even the challenging stuff, which provides useful teaching moments, you will be able to see your way to any needed solutions or course corrections more quickly and clearly.
You can do this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
You will likely emerge by end of day, higher than a kite.
I dare you.

No matter what happens today, be grateful. All day.

Day Seventeen

“Be environmentally aware. Notice earth, air, fire and water. All day.”


Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Elemental, right? Right under our noses.                                       All around us all the time. Yet rarely do we really notice. Not really.

What to do? How to notice and be there?                                                                     Maybe it would be fun today to keep it short and sweet.

You are the elements.

Feel your fire.                                                                                                               Be fluid.                                                                                                                 Ground yourself.                                                                                                     Breathe it all in.

Be environmentally aware. Notice earth, air, fire and water. All day.