Beth Moses                                                                       Author, Educator, Therapist

Beth Moses founded Oh Well! Inc. in 1994 to bring healing to the workplace and to individuals … and to show her young sons what a woman can accomplish!
Her private healing practice is at The Center for Wholism in Bloomington, Indiana, where she has worked with esteemed colleagues since 1995. She is also Adjunct Faculty at Indiana University School of Public Health, teaching Stress prevention and Management. Beth brings her 40 years of training in consciousness and relaxation therapies to light in her stress consultations and bodywork with clients. She also specializes in stress resilience training and consultations with individuals and groups in the workplace, through meditation, mindfulness, self-healing and yoga techniques, all taught in a way to easily integrate into life and work.
Beth is certified in Integrative Breathwork (1985) a Certified Massage Therapist (1995), a student and practitioner of Yoga and Meditation since 1971, and holds a B. S. in Management from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, where she taught Career Development for five years.
Observing and assisting people grow and evolve is a passion of Beth’s.  She believes that until we can learn to be comfortable, really comfortable, in our own body and mind, and until we learn the active skill of Self-Love, our evolution and happiness is inherently limited. The good news is that the first step in that process, relaxing, is well within our reach.