Day Nineteen

               “Be quiet and discover (your) Nature. All day.”


What more can one say about breaking from the mesmerizing digital universe of our world and sinking our feet into the proverbial grass?

Or sitting in the sunshine for a few minutes?
Or listening to the wind?
Seemingly low priorities, yet not.
The great thinkers and inventors of the world
have always napped (Thomas Edison, for one)
or relaxed in some form to tap into that essential creative energy
for their ideas and inventions.
So, too, in our creative process, this break from the melee  is required.
Just like getting up from your work station to stroll around and breathe and move,
getting in touch with nature, outside, in the elements, is absolutely necessary.
Try it. Like right now!
Even if you just put your face to the rays of the sun from your 35th floor window.
Or fit your meditation and quietude into a short moment.
Whether in or outside, make it a habit to be quiet in Nature. Your nature!
Five minutes will do the trick.


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