Corporate Wellness

Stress Resilience and Mindfulness: Individual and Group 

Research shows that absenteeism, turnover and health claims all dramatically decrease when an organization makes a proactive commitment to wellness, mindfulness and stress reduction. Oh Well! group training or individual sessions for leaders at every level of the organization are designed to enhance individual and collective productivity. A one-hour group presentation covering the finer points of breath and mindfulness comprises an efficient training with little interruption to the business day. Customized half day or full day programs  also available. 

It’s All Well and Good / Book and Training                                                                                                                                                                                                        It’s All Well and Good is a self-guided interactive training system, teaching intuitive self-diagnosis of stress in bodymind, then guiding the user to one or more immediate mindfulness antidotes. Stress resilience involves the ability to remember to draw upon the healer within. Techniques such as mindfulness, breath, movement, shifting perspective, meditation, and spiritual awareness are key teachings, as well as how to integrate these healing protocols into daily functioning and how to address the stress when it happens. It’s All Well and Good is a companion piece to Oh Well! seminars at your organization … or a very effective stand-alone wellness training for individual use.

30 Day Stress Resilience Training

The 30 Days to Total Enlightenment chapter of the It’s All Well and Good training         can be experienced very effectively in a group to improve team functionality and to provide a collective support process toward destressing. It offers a daily practicum of stress-coping strategies, guiding the trainee through a powerful program that transforms stress habits into relaxation and consciousness habits. This program can be customized for the specific needs of your company or organization, with options for onsite or digital training support.

Onsite Therapeutic Chair Massage 

In-office or at-conference therapeutic chair massage, combined with personalized instruction on self-healing skills and stress relief, is a wonderful service to provide for your associates or conference attendees. These sessions can be 15 or 20 minutes in length with little interruption to the work day. Therapeutic chair massage at the office is akin to kick-starting  an ongoing wellness program for a very reasonable start-up cost. Most programs start with a subsidy by management, with an ongoing self-pay program established later. Hands down, employees state that massage is the best gift their companies have ever given them!