Day Twenty Six

                    “Love everything about your body. All day.”


Now we are entering some interesting territory. Loving our bodies. Quite the trick.

Loving the body physical is a concept that came in via the new age door some decades ago. It began as a rather elusive concept and is now a staple in the wellness vernacular. But it is not effective if you love your body at an intellectual level, such as simply repeating a mantra or affirmation. It must be organic and the only way to do that is to breathe it through the body, as we have discussed on other posts here. So as you affirm, breathe it into the cells.

Also, since one definition of a miracle is a shift in perception (The Course in Miracles), then you can perform a daily miracle on your body by perceiving it differently and more lovingly. Love is an active skill. Use it in practical ways. Cosmic surgery is possible!

You do have a choice: whether to love or to judge. The drip drip drip of judgments which we aim at our bodies, our lives, other people, places and things is unending and so detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional selves. Science has proven that our stressful thoughts do have a negative chemical impact on us and I would definitely classify judgment as stressful. But it is a necessary stress as it demands that you self inquire to see why you are judging that person, place or thing. (Usually you are judging yourself… a little hint.)

Switch it up today and see if you can stay on love. Judgments will still come up but today, just observe them. Be good to yourself in a real way today. If love is blind such that you can see abject beauty in those you love, then surely you can apply this to yourself. Sprinkle with a little self esteem and go for it.

Day Twenty Five

                    “Take a fresh look at everything. All day.”


Vacation is a state of mind. We get bogged down so easily with the ins and outs of life. Whether we work at a job full time, part time or no time …  whether we are working from home, raising our children, stressed or not stressed … the intensity of work and the pressure of our spheres of responsibility can be daunting.

The fact remains, however, that we always have the moment to turn to. This moment. Right now. Once someone said to me that life is a virtual symphony and we are missing it most of the time. Hearing the music and catching a break from our daily life is not necessarily about hopping on a plane to Costa Rica or basking on the beach at the French Riviera or scaling that mountain.

It can be about coming in for a landing in the eternal now, eyes wide open and noticing the abject beauty all around you. Take a vacay … from the hum drum of your mind. Wake up and smell the proverbial roses and definitely the ones in your garden. Notice details about your surroundings. Sit in a different spot in your house and read a book. It’s about the little things. The possibilities are endless!

Craft a vacation attitude whenever you can and wherever you are today.

Day Twenty Four

                “Relax and be right here right now. All day.”


Isn’t it amazing how much we can do just by relaxing? You might have gotten that message by now.

Like, with time, for example. A man made concept. One which we have totally bought into, by necessity to function in our world, of course. But consider how much it controls our demeanor, our mood, our perceptions.

Here’s a thought. When we are running late, we often speed up, becoming less productive and possibly careless and ineffective. Not to mention the chemical havoc it wreaks on our body and mind. Many of us are hurrying all the time anyway, another bad habit which has an upsetting effect on our psyche and ability to relax as we go along.

Next time you are running late, try this experiment:                                                   When it is 8:15 am and you have that 8:30 meeting and let’s say a half hour drive, you know that you are in a bit of a pickle. So while you are traveling to your meeting, no matter how improbable this sounds …  if you can remain calm, breathe and stay truly in present moment, and affirm that you are in perfect timing no matter what, you will discover a whole new world of perception and function. And when you really examine the reality in this example, technically, when you are in the car and running late, you are not late yet … because it is not 8:30 yet, right?

See what happens next time you try this. My experience has been that it works every time … and I arrive at the perfect moment or the meeting got started late or something happened on the way to the meeting that could not have otherwise happened if I had not left the house late. Most importantly, the benefit to me is that I did not miss the beauty of that half hour drive because I was all tied up in knots.

Sometimes this is the definition of loving yourself in the moment.

When you perfect the ability to stay in present time and really establish it as a staple of your existence, you get better at staying conscious in your body, alert in mind, and remarkably more able to pull off some time shifting magic.

Day Twenty Three

          “Utilize your worry moment. Then snap out of it. All day.”


My best statement about the phenomenon of worry is that it has no nutritional value. However, I have eased slightly on that opinion. In truth, it does.

If you are a chronic worrier, however, you risk the ravages of the stress hormone, cortisol, being regularly dumped into your system and this is extremely devastating to your body and your health. The conscious solution is to corral the energy of the worry habit and utilize it after you come back to right here right now.

First, we have to reign it in and as usual, notice the thought behind the worry as the real gem of the experience. “I am worried about how I will perform at my presentation next week” … interpret as : “I do not feel prepared” … becomes “I am not confident in myself” … becomes “I need to believe in myself”.  Eureka! The core thought is revealed.

Then it is time to get to work on feeding doses of confidence into the bodymind complex and envisioning success at the future event. Corral the energy of the Worry.

Also think about this: When you worry, and it is usually about something in the future, you are actually traveling into the future in your mind, borrowing trouble and then bringing that trouble back into the present, paralyzing you from functioning productively right now.

Worry is just another name for fear and it can lodge in the psyche as a true hard-to-break habit. To really break that habit, letting the worry go by breathing it out on the exhale without processing the fear is not enough. Break the fear thoughts down so you can first understand the lesson they have to offer you, then go to work on commanding the mind to adopt some level of hope and positivity while you feed the vision of what you wish to create.

Remember, you are the coach of your own mind and  your thoughts create your reality.

Day Twenty Two

      “Enrich yourself with feelings of safety and security. All day.”


Oh my. So much has been written about true abundance and how it has nothing to do with money. Money is energy. Money is Love. You are money. Money is you.

Perhaps it is about feeling comfortable. If we feel that we do not have enough money we experience discomfort. If we have enough money we are nervous that it will somehow all disappear. Either way we live in Fear.  So it is Fear, not money, that has us in its grip.

Sometimes it is helpful to whittle it all down. At some core level, all stress comes back to a feeling of Fear. In the case of money, I would posit that the core thought behind the Fear is “I am not taken care of” or ” I am not safe”.

Since our choice is always between Love and Fear, then it would follow that the core thought behind the Love is  “I am taken care of.” “I am always safe”.

Whether you’ve got the cash and feel secure but fearful it will all disappear, or whether you are running on empty, I’d go with the Love.