Day Twenty Five

                    “Take a fresh look at everything. All day.”


Vacation is a state of mind. We get bogged down so easily with the ins and outs of life. Whether we work at a job full time, part time or no time …  whether we are working from home, raising our children, stressed or not stressed … the intensity of work and the pressure of our spheres of responsibility can be daunting.

The fact remains, however, that we always have the moment to turn to. This moment. Right now. Once someone said to me that life is a virtual symphony and we are missing it most of the time. Hearing the music and catching a break from our daily life is not necessarily about hopping on a plane to Costa Rica or basking on the beach at the French Riviera or scaling that mountain.

It can be about coming in for a landing in the eternal now, eyes wide open and noticing the abject beauty all around you. Take a vacay … from the hum drum of your mind. Wake up and smell the proverbial roses and definitely the ones in your garden. Notice details about your surroundings. Sit in a different spot in your house and read a book. It’s about the little things. The possibilities are endless!

Craft a vacation attitude whenever you can and wherever you are today.

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