Relax and Lighten up. The 30 Days Enlightenment Challenge

Let’s all Relax and Lighten up … as in Enlightened … Together!

The 30 Days to Total Enlightenment, the final chapter in It’s All Well and Good, is a powerful and fun daily practice revealing the deeper truths about wellness. You can check in each day for the page of the day on the blog, where the entries for each day correspond with the page for that day in the book. To buy the book, see the Buy the Book tab above at main menu.

You can certainly practice the 30 Day Enlightenment Challenge solo … but why not invite others to literally be on the same page with you: a group of friends, your family, workplace team or a person in need, perhaps. Doing it with others gives you accountability partners and a built-in incentive to really follow the 30 days to a T.

To get started, open the July Archives and continue to the archives in August.

The more that we all relax in our lives, the better our world becomes. 


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