Day Twenty Eight

             “Purify thoughts. Tell the truth. Give without ego. All day.”


Well now. Today’s message might seem like a lofty one. In your busy day, do you really have the time for all this? Yep you do. Thought. Word. And Deed. Gosh that sounds familiar.

Thought: We have certainly talked a lot about thoughts. Today all you have to do is observe them for their kindness factor. I am not saying that you have to be a saint, but that’s not a bad idea. Stepping into sainthood is an interesting space.

Word: As far as saying what you are really thinking or feeling … you might have to censor a couple of things, right? This is about telling the truth (up to a certain point.) But! Since you will be screening your thoughts for kindheartedness, your diplomacy is assured.

Deed: This one’s the kicker. Giving without ego. Serving without the need for acknowledgement. Performing a good deed when no one is looking. They say the measure of a man’s character is what he does when no one is looking.

There is a certain pleasure in giving of yourself for the pure joy of it. It feels wonderful to tell the truth, since often we do not. And I am sure your thoughts could definitely use some scrubbing.

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