Day Fifteen

“Discover a whole new world of compassion and understanding.                                                       All day.”


If you really adhere to this premise as you encounter other humans, then your experience today will be full of micro miracle moments.

I think the ultimate skill on this is not judging anything whatsoever about them or the encounter. This is certainly easier said than done, But when you do that, you open up to a whole new dimension of perception, and the other person opens up,too, and the magic of the moment is indescribable.

We exist mostly in the physical realm … but of course. And it is important that we are grounded in that. But there is a lot more going on at other levels of molecular reality. Accessing those realities is only possible by connecting within ourselves and staying on presence and openness … while we simultaneously mull around in the real world of solid objects and people.

Just believe in this for today. It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch (oh and don’t forget to stretch today!) … You don’t really have to be a wizard in quantum physics to grasp the benefit of just loving someone with all your heart in every encounter today, no matter who, no matter where! It is a fun challenge to see if you can pull it off. The benefits are many. You get to …

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