Day Six

        “Make up your mantra and feed it to your body. All Day.”


The mantra is used as a hypnotic command repeated to the body.The real trick is to put all of your belief into the process while you are saying it, hearing it, and feeling it.
For that time frame, be at 100% belief.
You have nothing to lose by putting all of your faith in.
 Repetition over time yields results. It is fun to experiment with your body and mind,
which are your own private scientific laboratories.
Soon you discover that it really is working. The “I am” configuration is the most powerful
one to use… or you can shorten to one word commands and forget the “I am”.
“Happy”. “Healthy”. “Relaxed”. “Confident”. “Joyful”. “Strong”. “Creative”.
You get the picture.
Whatever it is you wish to infuse into your essence, send one word commands to the bodymind and see if you can feel those commands traveling right into every cell of your body on your exhale. That exhale is all powerful.
Happy Mantra-ing!


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