Day One

                            “Center on Today. All Day.”


Returning moment to moment to feeling and following the breath is all you need to know to capture the present and center on today. But what happens when you don’t feel like being in the moment or focused on today?

Sometimes we just don’t want to be present on really difficult days when life is dicey or if we have to face negative thoughts that bubble up in our hearts and minds.

So. What to do when you do not want to be Centered on Now/Today?

Well, you know how you can see something or talk to someone and you are not really hearing or seeing? This happens especially on days when you are distracted or distressed. Bring yourself back in. Into your body, that is, by feeling your inhale and exhale. Your best bet is to be present on these kinds of days. It allows you to embrace the discomfort, not judge It, so you can begin to feel into It and be in the space of whatever It is. This will help you be open enough to understand what “It” is trying to teach you.

All our feelings are relevant and educational for us, whether positive or negative. In case you forgot, we are composed of the positive (protons) and the negative (electrons). We would just be some wave out in the universe if our very being did not possess each side of this duality. So make friends with your electrons! They are 50 % of who you are and they have much to teach you.

When we awake each day and decide that today is our main assignment, then life becomes a little gentler and definitely more manageable.. We can let our day unfold, relax and field whatever comes and watch (observe) “the video” of our life … while being the starring character.
And then wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.

Center on Today. All Day.


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