Day Twenty Six

                    “Love everything about your body. All day.”


Now we are entering some interesting territory. Loving our bodies. Quite the trick.

Loving the body physical is a concept that came in via the new age door some decades ago. It began as a rather elusive concept and is now a staple in the wellness vernacular. But it is not effective if you love your body at an intellectual level, such as simply repeating a mantra or affirmation. It must be organic and the only way to do that is to breathe it through the body, as we have discussed on other posts here. So as you affirm, breathe it into the cells.

Also, since one definition of a miracle is a shift in perception (The Course in Miracles), then you can perform a daily miracle on your body by perceiving it differently and more lovingly. Love is an active skill. Use it in practical ways. Cosmic surgery is possible!

You do have a choice: whether to love or to judge. The drip drip drip of judgments which we aim at our bodies, our lives, other people, places and things is unending and so detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional selves. Science has proven that our stressful thoughts do have a negative chemical impact on us and I would definitely classify judgment as stressful. But it is a necessary stress as it demands that you self inquire to see why you are judging that person, place or thing. (Usually you are judging yourself… a little hint.)

Switch it up today and see if you can stay on love. Judgments will still come up but today, just observe them. Be good to yourself in a real way today. If love is blind such that you can see abject beauty in those you love, then surely you can apply this to yourself. Sprinkle with a little self esteem and go for it.

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