Day Twenty Four

                “Relax and be right here right now. All day.”


Isn’t it amazing how much we can do just by relaxing? You might have gotten that message by now.

Like, with time, for example. A man made concept. One which we have totally bought into, by necessity to function in our world, of course. But consider how much it controls our demeanor, our mood, our perceptions.

Here’s a thought. When we are running late, we often speed up, becoming less productive and possibly careless and ineffective. Not to mention the chemical havoc it wreaks on our body and mind. Many of us are hurrying all the time anyway, another bad habit which has an upsetting effect on our psyche and ability to relax as we go along.

Next time you are running late, try this experiment:                                                   When it is 8:15 am and you have that 8:30 meeting and let’s say a half hour drive, you know that you are in a bit of a pickle. So while you are traveling to your meeting, no matter how improbable this sounds …  if you can remain calm, breathe and stay truly in present moment, and affirm that you are in perfect timing no matter what, you will discover a whole new world of perception and function. And when you really examine the reality in this example, technically, when you are in the car and running late, you are not late yet … because it is not 8:30 yet, right?

See what happens next time you try this. My experience has been that it works every time … and I arrive at the perfect moment or the meeting got started late or something happened on the way to the meeting that could not have otherwise happened if I had not left the house late. Most importantly, the benefit to me is that I did not miss the beauty of that half hour drive because I was all tied up in knots.

Sometimes this is the definition of loving yourself in the moment.

When you perfect the ability to stay in present time and really establish it as a staple of your existence, you get better at staying conscious in your body, alert in mind, and remarkably more able to pull off some time shifting magic.

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