Day Twenty Three

          “Utilize your worry moment. Then snap out of it. All day.”


My best statement about the phenomenon of worry is that it has no nutritional value. However, I have eased slightly on that opinion. In truth, it does.

If you are a chronic worrier, however, you risk the ravages of the stress hormone, cortisol, being regularly dumped into your system and this is extremely devastating to your body and your health. The conscious solution is to corral the energy of the worry habit and utilize it after you come back to right here right now.

First, we have to reign it in and as usual, notice the thought behind the worry as the real gem of the experience. “I am worried about how I will perform at my presentation next week” … interpret as : “I do not feel prepared” … becomes “I am not confident in myself” … becomes “I need to believe in myself”.  Eureka! The core thought is revealed.

Then it is time to get to work on feeding doses of confidence into the bodymind complex and envisioning success at the future event. Corral the energy of the Worry.

Also think about this: When you worry, and it is usually about something in the future, you are actually traveling into the future in your mind, borrowing trouble and then bringing that trouble back into the present, paralyzing you from functioning productively right now.

Worry is just another name for fear and it can lodge in the psyche as a true hard-to-break habit. To really break that habit, letting the worry go by breathing it out on the exhale without processing the fear is not enough. Break the fear thoughts down so you can first understand the lesson they have to offer you, then go to work on commanding the mind to adopt some level of hope and positivity while you feed the vision of what you wish to create.

Remember, you are the coach of your own mind and  your thoughts create your reality.

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