Day Thirteen

                               “Practice being happy. All day.”


And you know what really helps in a pinch? Smiling!

Research has shown that smiling produces endorphins/relaxation hormones in the body. Have you ever tried to stay depressed or agitated when you are physically stretching a smile across your face? It is impossible! This is a really fun, no lose strategy. Maybe more effective than any medication or supplement, or as the Dalia Lama recently said, equal to meditation! A simple smile.

Somehow, too, we naturally take a breath when we smile. Proactively smiling as much as possible all day long, I also notice that it makes other people smile. By the way, I am not talking about pasting a fake grin on your face. Genuinely feel it sink in all the way to your heart, your cells, your very being, while you breathe it in and absorb.

Looks like “Smile and the world smiles with you”  is a good model to test out today.

“Nuff” said, except …

Practice being happy. All day.

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