Day Twenty Two

      “Enrich yourself with feelings of safety and security. All day.”


Oh my. So much has been written about true abundance and how it has nothing to do with money. Money is energy. Money is Love. You are money. Money is you.

Perhaps it is about feeling comfortable. If we feel that we do not have enough money we experience discomfort. If we have enough money we are nervous that it will somehow all disappear. Either way we live in Fear.  So it is Fear, not money, that has us in its grip.

Sometimes it is helpful to whittle it all down. At some core level, all stress comes back to a feeling of Fear. In the case of money, I would posit that the core thought behind the Fear is “I am not taken care of” or ” I am not safe”.

Since our choice is always between Love and Fear, then it would follow that the core thought behind the Love is  “I am taken care of.” “I am always safe”.

Whether you’ve got the cash and feel secure but fearful it will all disappear, or whether you are running on empty, I’d go with the Love.



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