Welcome to Oh Well! Inc.

For over 20 years, Oh Well! and Beth Moses have been teaching people how to relax through mindfulness practices. Not the kind of relaxing where you lie in the hammock and drink mint juleps! The kind where you get to feel it all day long, as in integrated relaxation. Research is now showing that mindfulness and conscious relaxation are the ultimate chemical antidotes to stress in the body and mind.

Beth teaches clients the ability to harness the energy of stress and convert it into relaxation for the body mind. Not just in random, stolen moments or at the beginning and end of day, but all day long.

Wellness Services provided by Oh Well!

  • Group Mindfulness and Relaxation Training for your Organization
  • Executive and Staff Mindfulness & Stress Resilience Coaching
  • Onsite Chair Massage / Conference or Your Office 
  • Individual Massage Therapy Sessions / The Center for Wholism
  • One-on-One Meditation and Yoga Instruction / The Center for Wholism  

Putting the Teeth In Mindfulness

In 1997, Beth authored It’s All Well  and Good, (Second Edition 2006), an interactive hands-on training book which reminds readers to return to their innate ability to self-heal and integrate a practice of mindfulness and relaxation. It’s All Well and Good puts the teeth into any mindfulness training by breaking it all down and teaching the reader to turn to oneself first in the stress healing process. The 30 Days to Total Enlightenment  chapter delivers a daily regimen of habit-changing wellness practices.  See information under the Books tab.

Say Oh Well! throughout your day. It always makes you relax.


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