Day Sixteen

                          “Normalize with your fears. All day.”


Ok. So this is challenging. But when you consider the alternative, which is to be run by your fears and anxieties, then the choice is easy. Over time it is possible that these fears get lodged in our system and take root. Soon we can become strangely comfortable with the fear/anxiety habit, and it is difficult to let go of the “comfort” of these energies. Eventually, we hide behind our anxious ways and our real selves get a raw deal.

True self inquiry is the first step in facing and normalizing with your fears. Your anxieties. Your stress. Your emotional blocks. And learning to relax is the gateway to self inquiry.

By examining your thought or the source behind the fear/anxiety complex, you can free yourself from it. Once you discover the thought, you have to really be honest and see it or hear it in its exactness. Then you can decide if it still has any reality or value for you. You might find that the thought represents a long held pattern or belief that is no longer remotely relevant for you anymore!

So, first, normalize with the thought. Feel equal to it. Then breathe it out every time that thought comes up in your mind and let it go. Or you can flip the thought to a positive energy or its polar opposite and stoke that new thought over and over. Or you can just strongly rebuke it and send it on its merry way. These three approaches are very simple! But truly, it really is that simple. The secret comes in the repetition of these techniques, over time.

Free your Self up. The good news is that you are the one who gave these fear thoughts all the power. Now you can take that power back.

Normalize with your fears. All day.

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