Day Eight

                     “Nourish yourself consciously. All day.”


Nourishing self is an active skill! Nourishing yourself not just with food, but with love and grace and peace and calm. Or confidence or joy or strength or resolve. Whatever it is you wish to create in and for yourself, you can. This is your job! To nourish yourself. Did you forget?! Well then, when you are eating is a great time to remember!

When you are eating food and enjoying a meal, it is fun to be right here right now and really taste, smell and feel your food experience. You can breathe and slow down. You can chew (and chew) and enjoy every taste. And even breathe deeply. And use the experience as an opportunity to cultivate that awareness of the moment and your gratitude for the sustenance of your life and the food on your table.

Nourishing ourselves with food is the metaphor for the love we feed to ourselves.

Nourish yourself consciously. All day.


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